5 Easy Tips for Cleaning Baby High Chair

Everything has to be cleaned regularly. Whether it’s your eye corners, toilet or the high chair. And speaking of high chair, cleaning this piece of furniture can be a matter of great agony for some parents. How?

Because food is the main source of domestic mess. And it’s more typical, when you’re feeding your little one. They can’t take the whole nibble in their mouths. They make a fuss and sprinkle food crumbs everywhere. Sometimes there is burfing. Spilling water and food is a regular incident that has to be included too.

In short, in order to keep everything alright you got to be upright about its regular cleanliness. That’s when this question pops in the head, “We got to keep it clean, but how?”

1. It Starts With the Purchase Though

Before mastering the ‘art’ of cleaning, it’s better to look forward to this in the beginning. When you’re buying a high chair, you can check all of its feature.

Some high chair comes with super cleaning convenience. They feature removable tray that’s made of such material that makes it easier to keep the tray clean and wipe it well. Sometimes those trays are washable in sink and also dishwasher-friendly.

There are chairs that don’t have any gaps, crease or holes where food crumbs can get stuck. Some chairs feature removable seat that’s washable, some fabrics can be kept clean by wiping frequently.

So, when there are high chairs with so many cleaning-friendly features, would that be wise to look any other way?

2. Crumbs Should Be Removed Instantly

Now, here comes after-purchase cleaning process. If your high chair comes with such features that leaves no place for crumbs getting stuck, then you’re relieved from the worst agony. But a lot of things matter during a purchase and you may have to give up on such feature for a better deal.

However, it doesn’t matter. If you get it that’s good. If you don’t, always take care of the little bits and crumbs. Pick them out after every feeding time.

You must keep the chair’s creases and gaps crumb-free in order to keep it clean. This seems like a simple duty, but it’s actually pretty important.

3. A Big Bib Perhaps

You can take a big bite from a Mac, but it’s harder for your little one to take a whole little nibble in her mouth at once. So, a part of the nibble can usually fall apart in the process.

Moreover, burfing is a common phenomenon in child feeding. And lots of crumbs splatter while eating. These innocent tiny incidents later result in the huge mess.

So, it’s better if you put a bib on your baby’s chest to prevent those ‘incidents’ from making the chair dirty.

4. Clean the Tray Every Time

Every time you put a food item or water on the tray, there’s a strong possibility that they’re going to be spilled all over the places. And guess what, that incident doesn’t repeat itself just on a miraculous day, the miraculous day that can’t be witnessed forever.

So, after every feeding time, you must give the tray a good wipe, and a good wash every day in order to keep it clean for years. Otherwise, it’ll get stained after a short while and will look horribly gross.

5. About the Seat and Fabric

If the seat pad is removable, that’s fantastic! You can give it a good wipe and even put it in a wash. So, keep that in mind during purchase if you want a pleasant clean.

But if you can’t get it, that’s okay. You can give the seat a good wipe in order to keep it clean. Considering fabric, the cleaning method can be different. Because one particular wash type is not suitable for all sorts of fabric.

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