Photography ideas for beginners

Almost all beginner photographers get frustrated about what to do? When to do? How should I do it? Well, don’t be confused at all time. All you need is some guidance. Don’t go crazy about your gears. Remember, you are a beginner. So first, you need to work on your hands in photography. Here are some ideas that can help you take your photography to next level.

Photography ideas for beginners

  • Self Portraits: To start with photography start taking portraits of your own. You must be wondering, how can I take shots of myself? Simple, take mirror shots of your own or reflection shots at different scenes. It will help you understand light composition and what you are seeing through the viewfinder.
  • Portraits: Take portraits of the people around you. Your friends, family, kids and people from the streets. Doesn’t matter who they are, take portraits. Portrait is the favorite photography section for most photographers. Try to take the shot with natural light and take shots of what you see in the viewfinder.

  • Nature macros: Nature brings color and life to your photography. Take shots of bugs animals from the streets. Nature macro shots will help you learn details about photography. For this types of photography you may need proper camera and lens which is a bit expensive, But as a beginner you can start with a budget friendly camera which you can afford easily.
  • Small world: Bring the world outside to your workshop. Use different toys, human and animal models. Make a setup that brings out your creativity and tells a story of its own. Take different shots from different angles. This kind of photography is creative art.

Photography ideas

  • City’s landmarks: Explore your surroundings with your camera. Every city has famous landmarks. Take shots of these in different times of a year. Wait for a good lighting situation and take a shot.
  • Landscape: Taking a trip with friends or family? Take your gear with you and take some breathtaking landscape shots of natural view. Take pictures of mountains, rivers, forests, cloudy or sunny blue sky and even roads. Landscapes can be creative and very intimate.

  • Architectural monument: Every city (small or big) has historical monuments of their own. As a beginner, start taking photos of these monuments. And as I always say, every picture speaks a different story. So, take shots from different angles. It’s a great use of your talent.
  • Food photography: Food photography is sort of like small world photography as I said earlier. The basic difference is the setup now would be of foods. Try to make a creative setup with food as it brings out your creativity.

Photography ideas

  • Pet photography: Pet photography is much easier than others. Plus these shots are quite simple and mind blowing. Try to bring out the cuteness of the animal in the photos.
  • Night shots: Night photography is one of the finest art in photography. Night photography will help understand the right composition in low light. Explore your camera settings and take frequent shots of streets, people, animals, restaurants etc. This will help you a lot to understand your camera.
  • Flower photography: My personal favorite is flower photography. Flower photography will help you understand color combination. Take a lot of shots of flowers as much as you can and try to bring the natural color of the flowers.


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Final Tips                                             

Remember, you are a beginner in photography. You need patience and a lot of practice. Cameras are complicated if you make it complicated. Try to know your gear and explore it. So, to sum up, here are some simple tips you should remember to make yourself a better photographer than others.

  • Explore your gear
  • Take frequent shots
  • Don’t go and buy a crazy gear at first
  • Create a photography bucket list
  • Keep a photography journal
  • Get closer to your subject

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