How to remove kitchen faucet without basin wrench?

Can you imagine your kitchen without any kitchen faucet? I think, you probably can’t. Your kitchen faucet is the thing you probably use most in your kitchen. For a functional kitchen, the kitchen faucet is the centerpiece. However, sometimes you may need to dismount your kitchen faucet due to some reasons. So, you have to remove the valve.

Removal of a kitchen faucet is not very difficult. By using a basin wrench, you can easily remove your old kitchen faucet. But what if your kitchen faucet is not suitable to use a basin wrench? Therefore, the question arises on how to remove a kitchen faucet without a basin wrench. If you have a kitchen faucet not suitable for removing with a basin wrench, then go through the article. In this article, I have mentioned the steps of the removal of a faucet without basin wrench. You better know these steps to remove your kitchen faucet by yourself.

You have possibly seen many removing their kitchen faucet with a basin wrench. But when you attempt to remove your faucet you cannot. It is because the basin wrench doesn’t fit around the nut that holds on your kitchen faucet. So, you have to remove your faucet in an alternative way. To remove your kitchen faucet, you can use other wrenches as the alternative tool of basin wrench. You can remove the faucet with a socket wrench or a crescent wrench or an Allen wrench.

How to remove kitchen faucet without basin wrench?

The removal and replacing of a kitchen faucet is easy when you get the nuts retaining off the faucet. You can eliminate those nuts off without using any basin wrench. Besides, the using of a basin wrench means you need to crawl on your back into the sink base. Again you have to arch your back up to the sink deck. However, you don’t need to tire yourself so much for only to remove your kitchen faucet. To remove kitchen faucet, you’ll require some tools ready –

  • Screwdriver
  • Tape
  • Towel
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • A socket wrench or a crescent wrench
  • Grease

When you are ready with all necessary equipment, start removing the kitchen faucet. Just maintain the following steps:

Step 1: First, locate the hot and cold water shut-off valves. Those valves are placed in the cabinet under the sink. Then, turn off both the valves.

Step 2: Now open up the faucet. So, it will remove the pressure, and you will be able to remove the faucet easily.

Step 3: Then, disconnect both of water lines from the kitchen faucet. Use a pair of channel-lock pliers to disconnect the lines. Consider replacing the old and worn out supply lines with flexible supply lines.

Step 4: After that, you have to remove the nuts holding the faucet. Use a crescent wrench or a socket wrench to remove the nuts off. If the bolts are tightly locked, use grease to remove them off with ease.

Step 5: If your sink has a hose, disconnect the line connecting the hose to the faucet. Finally, put out the old kitchen faucet. Now clean the sink surface with a towel.

Step 6: Now consider replacing the old faucet with a new kitchen faucet.

Final Verdict

Now as you know the steps of removing kitchen faucet, you can remove it easily. Even if you are not in the advantage of using the basin wrench, you have got ideas to eliminate the kitchen faucet with the alternative tools. So, collect the necessary tools to set down to work. And do the job to take off your kitchen faucet without using basin wrench in a fraction of the time.

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